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Would like to become the wealthiest person in the sandbox world? What should you do to possess a large number of sparkling mines? Work hard or give smart plans? It is time to land [...]
A brave Ninja is entrusted with the urgent duty of exploring a mysterious dungeon under the ground. It\'s revealed that the dungeon not only comprises dozens of precious items, but [...]
The courageous Ninja in Ninja Miner has just been entrusted with a secret mission of collecting all treasures from a deep cave under the ground. Doing this mission is really hard b [...]
Hello all Minecraft fans! Today, have you had any new project in the Minecraft world? If not, we invite to Zombie Miner to seek for inspirations. This funny 3D game revolves around [...]
How do you feel when enjoying the first two versions of Speed Miner games? Do you like it? Is it worth playing? If you really love this kind of game, it will be a timely opportunit [...]
Follow the bright success of Speed Miner, the Minecraft game designers have decided to launch a new version - Speed Miner 2. It\'s certain that you\'ve spent lots of terrific momen [...]
In the Minecraft world, there are dozens of interesting kinds of games which have been attracting many Minecraft gamers all over the world. Speed Miner is one among them. Have you [...]
Hi, all of the Minecraft boys/girls! To see some of the objects like blue blocks, chests, cobblestones, the white blocks with the icons (iron pickaxes), grass blocks, and lava bloc [...]

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