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Everything is not good with Steve\'s family. Now, all his family members have to suffer a strong storm, and his simple house cannot be an ideal place for them to avoid this disaste [...]
Guys, if you find a beautiful world full of good conditions to live there, what do you do first? Actually, you will build your desired structures and invite your friends to enjoy y [...]
The outlook of a splendid castle surrounded by green trees and beautiful scenes has just flashed through your mind, right? But you do not know which environment is suitable for you [...]
The Minecraft has introduced lots of terrific versions of Mine Blocks games. One among the most terrific versions is Mine Blocks 1.26.2. Wish to relish and play it? Don\'t think to [...]
When discovering a secret treasure in a large cave, a Minecraft guy was chased by a big monster. When looking for an escape, this guy continued facing lots of dangers. What were th [...]
Hey, Minecraft fans! Everything in Minecraft world always makes you surprised at it mysteries, right? Want to explore its miracles right now. Ok! Come on and enjoy a very exciting [...]
Let My Blocks travel with you in increasing the excellent creativity! Does it have anything which can support you in this case? Try to set your foot in My Blocks and experience lot [...]
After mining a large number of priceless minerals, a Minecraft man had to face up to a problem; that is, transport all the minerals towards the storage. The important thing is that [...]
The creator (Alex Lanzetta) of Mine Blocks 1.24 (an adventure game) added many new features including mooshroom, beef, bacon, rotten flesh, desert shrub, trap door, candy cane, sad [...]
Mine Blocks 1.23 - a new version of an adventure game with a lot of the new things like blazes, armor bar, carrots, candy, iron doors, new explosion particles, potatoes, caramel, g [...]

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