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Mine Blocks 1.26.4The outlook of a splendid castle surrounded by green trees and beautiful scenes has just flashed through your mind, right? But you do not know which environment is suitable for your process of building this structure. Then, Mine Blocks 1.26.4, a game product of Zanzlanz, which is based on the traditional gameplay of Minecraft is truly an ideal place. Start up this magnificent game right away! Here, the initial step is to mine various blocks to gather sand, grass, bricks, stones, wood, and more. Later, take some of them and follow recipes available in the Instruction to create useful tools like hoes, hammers, pickaxes, axes, and others. The most importance is to lay them in some ways in order that the expected castle is completed. Besides, form many other projects in your mind and start building them if you want. Set out to work now! Move with arrow keys.
The left mouse is to break blocks.
Combine the left mouse and the Shift key to lay blocks.

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