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Mine Blocks 1.25Mine Blocks 1.25 – the newest version (v1.25) with some of the updated features including stairs, afro, fixed plenty of redstone issues, coal block, half slabs, dispenser, fixed a ton of bugs, and so on are waiting for all Minecraft players curiosities. The 1st mission is to bring many kinds of the materials such as bamboos, cacti, farmland, saplings, seeds, feathers, leathers, mushrooms, sand, yellow flowers, clay, red flowers, orange, apples, and other things to a big inventory (45 cells). These resources are really useful for plenty of the crafting recipes. To refer to all of the recipes, the Minecraft players have to press the key \”H\”. At the moment, they must press E to show up a crafting table (4 cells) in the new inventory. Here is a place which is used to form 3 basic objects (wooden planks, crafting tables, and sticks). By putting a new crafting table onto the land, they may create a few of the special objects like diamond swords, hoes, etc. Good luck! Combining the mouse and the keys (T, E, Q, Shift, H, Esc, and Arrows/WSAD) is to play this version.

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