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Mine Blade

Feel interested in something awesome and thrilling? Don’t worry! Mine Blade can fulfill your wish for sure. Click the Start button to enter the game now, all Minecraft players!

The chief goal of the game is to cut through all the blocks in the Minecraft world so that these are split into pieces. First of all, observe the whole screen and wait for any block to appear! After detecting their appearance, you should alertly and swiftly use the given blade to chop them. A correct cut rewards you with one valuable score. Don’t leave any block behind or chop the TNT block; otherwise, 1 life out of the 3 lives is lost. In the higher levels, the block’s speed will gradually increase. Thus, you are advised to focus much on the screen to gain the highest score.

Try to preserve your lives in Mine Blade. Good luck to you!

The left mouse is used to slice blocks.

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