Category: Minecraft Strategy

In Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked - the 2nd hacked version, all of the new Minecraft players will have a chance to enjoy the current map (Deserted Beach). Here, they are able to [...]
A cool interface and lots of the other updated information are awaiting curious Minecraft players in the second version of the best Minecraft strategy game - Minecraft Tower Defens [...]
Welcome to a great version of a cool strategy game - Minecraft Tower Defense Final! Get ready to come to an available map (Island) by hitting a button \"Start\" right now! In this [...]
Five levels (Beginner, Extreme, Easy, Medium, and Hard) in Minecraft Minesweeper - another Minecraft puzzle game of a Minecraft fan (Feartehstickman) are awaiting Minecraft players [...]
A Minecraft man is contemplating his achievements after spending many days on working very hard. Suddenly, a strange and honest creature has given him the urgent news. It\'s unbeli [...]
Somehow, in the outside of the Minecraft guy\'s land suddenly appear a lot of terrible creatures, but more awful than that, they intend to make fierce attacks on this wonderful lan [...]
A wonderful place like the land of a Minecraft guy which anybody craves for owning will certainly attracts dozens of greedy monsters. That\'s why after accomplishing a huge house i [...]

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